For Jessica, Inc.

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About Us

We are a nonprofit organization to assist victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and/or sexual assault.

Our goals are to encourage abuse victims to seek help, and to educate others about abuse prevention.

Please take a moment to read our President and Founder Bunny Boggs' personal story as well as watch her video.

We welcome suggestions regarding needs you think this organization could address. Comments and questions can be sent to us by submitting information on the Contact Us page.

My Story

I am an abuse survivor. I was raised in a home with domestic violence, endured years of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of my adoptive mother from an early age into my teens, and at the age of 15 I was a victim of rape. That relationship ultimately led to a pregnancy and a subsequent forced abortion, a decision that was made by my mother, not me. Domestic violence is not just physical.  Later in life I also dealt with the financial consequences of economic abuse.

Unfortunately, due to the fear and shame I had that was associated with those events, and the lack of trust in others, I was unable to ask for help and it was very difficult to truly heal emotionally. While some individuals close to me knew parts of my story, I was never able to face the reality that I was hiding so much from loved ones and that I had not gotten the help I needed. Through counseling and with the love and support of my husband and our family, I can now say I am on the path of healing. I have found my voice and it is my hope that with this organization I will be able to encourage others to come forward, to tell their stories, to find them help, to let the healing process begin. No one should have to wait 30 years for that, as I did.

I am working on writing a book about my experiences, and I look forward to sharing more of my story.

Though I do not know for sure, I have always felt in my heart that the baby I lost was a girl. I had given her the name Jessica, and this organization was formed and named in honor of her.

Bunny Boggs
President and Founder
For Jessica, Inc.